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Pasture Seeding Equipment

Pasture Seeding Equipment


The Countrywide Industries range of Bandseeders and seed boxes have proven to give excellent results with reliability over many years.
A bandseeder's ability to sow pasture at the correct depth (1.5 - 2cm) thus increasing the germination is a fact well tested by farmers and the Department of Agriculture for many years.

Features of trialled Units
Proven design Roll back protection for legs (pasture master)
Fully trialled unit Clear seed tubes
Detachable rollers (pasture master) Long hitch to clear harrows
Standard or alternate sowing space Spring loaded sowing legs
Detachable draw bar for storage Adjustable sowing pressure
Infinitely variable seed rates Legs raise up for transport
Metal box with valley and baffles Coil packers can be fitted in place of rubber tyre rollers
Replacement seed boxes
Nylon fluted rollers Accurate and even seed metering
Valleys and baffles in box No corrosion of rollers
Grain deflectors in lid Weather proof box
Easy mounting Sprocket kits for all machines

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