New Straightline Go-Devils

New Straightline Go-DevilsNew Straightline Go-Devils

"Breakthrough" in design, Countrywide can now offer you a Triple Disc Hiller that has great trash flow, combined with improved row stability to help maintain row integrity.

This stability has been achieved by a new layout of the disc gang patterns.

The Go-Devil works your rows while distributing trash evenly through your hills, help to break trash down quickly and cause less blockages later.

4, 6, 8 , 10 & 12 rows wide
Fitted to 7" x 7" toolbars
Re-greasable gang bearings Hardened bushes in linkage hitch
Bearing load sharing on gangs Linkage hitch points bolted directly to toolbar, to keep weight to tractor
Vernier bolt hole adjustment for angle and tilt (no slots) Sideways movement for gang positioning
Pressed bar clamps with grade 8 bolts for mounting gang assembles, frames ties and hitch plates (no u bolts) Tilted rear toolbar for better trash flow
Vertical height adjustment at wheel track positions Optional spray bar available
Optional rear coulters when combined with the new layout gives unheard-of row stability from your Countrywide Go - Devil New bearing cover available to protect bearings